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Welcome RC modelers. This page is mostly about building  electric fanfold planes. But there are all kinds of other creations  that might be of similar interest. I love balsa too and any thing i can get get my hands on to build a plane.

This site is hosted  by RC Groups.

One of the largest electric RC'er forums on the planet and much more. 

Brought to you by an r/c enthusiast sharing knowledge about scratch building model airplanes with fan fold insulation, Balsa, Fiberglass, Block foam and any thing else from the scrap box . Good ideas and bad ones.  There's nothing like flying  your own creations.








My latest foamy wing. "The TonikPink"

38" ws eps with combination motor mount. 3 J250's, 2 S400's or single motor setup.  She's a hot tomalley in the air but thats what i built her for. 



Latest foamy hybrid. Twin S400 "Boobs"

Finished and currently flying the begezzess out of it.




36" Custom EPP cores from

this ship has 3 motor mounts similar to Tonik Pink. 

Single BL or twin BL motors 

Download video 20meg

right click and save target as

Here it is in a single BL setup, I added some Purple to help with the loud tone of the safety orange.   Foam plugs cover the outer motor mounts.




Latest balsa projects


"Orange Crush"

scratch built from balsa. complete build page coming soon


XB-7OE Wanabee

Finished with gear and ready for testing

Testing done and impressive "but"


My latest E3D. "Moby 3Dicky"

Still waiting for gear !! and few other things but the airframe is almost done.






My brothers latest project is complete and currently flying

There's a link on the menu for complete construction web


Take a ride in a Flagfly

video from the cockpit of take off fly around the patch and landing in heavy crosswind

Download video


From my strip






Headed to the field with my spoter



at home wrestling my spoter