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Blue Fury

Blucor Hawker Sea Fury, My favorite is "Critical Mass" The Reno racer. Super simple construction like my F4U-I for fuse and baked wings. Eppler 367 top section which is much different then the F4U-I. Better slowfly characteristics with AUW projected at 10oz with a robust a 13oz of thrust. So even if the wings dont fly it dont matter. This prediction is with  GWS 300C 5.33:1 Gear Box swinging 1 or 2 11 x 7 SF props using 7 cells of 350mah Nicads pulling 10 amps. This is allot for the little motor but flight packs time predict 2 min of hang time max. I say hang time but this ship does not have ailerons. So there will be no 3D stuff for me and this bird. But i have figured this bird for ailerons also so 3D flight  can easily be achieved with 8 or 9 cell 500 Nmh. There are no construction photos or drawings. But if you examine it hard enough you can see how its built. It pretty simple and can be built with one sheet.


Here she sits with 2 11 x 7 APC SF props. This is for aesthetics for now, I will not even try to fly with 4 blades until im happy with its envelope and stability. But i will use 4 blades in testing  because the gear is already going to be to long. Plus it looks really cool!