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Screamin E

WS 36"    Lg 28"

This is my flying eagle. This is in the beginning stage of construction. Delta wing with a center foam fuse in the shape of a bald eagle's head. Elevon controls will be the first setup and no vertical stabs. This ship will be S300 GD 5.3:1 powered for its first tests. Projected weight is 20oz with 6 cell 600mah nicad. Possibly 17oz with 350 mah. I do not think the 350 will be enough ballast.  I built this plane after watching a program on free tv about bald eagles. The most magnificent bird with the ultimate knowledge of aerodynamics. A large creature that lives by the law of the land. The bald eagle can soar, dive, race and overwhelm its prey with extreme intensity. 

So the challenge came to create an eagle looking ship that "I could fly". Delta wing based on the Pyro with more sweep for more speed and a thicker foil shape for a lower speed higher thrust gd setup.  I plan to test dd setup in the s400 area after stable flight with the gd is accomplished.

Drawings download

Drawings Page

Taped and creased and starting to bend the foam

Tape TE first. 

Draw the profile of block of foam for fuse. Cut out with saw blade. Hacksaw blade works good. Belt sander is the fastest way to shape the foam. 


Glue fuse into channel in blucor. The gap width will determine dihedral. You can trim to fit your specs. 


Now you have to glue the top section to the fuse. Block up wing tips or make a jig to set the dihedral and glue the seam. If you have any big gaps you can fill later with trimmings.

Carve the battery  and rx hold and a channel for wires.

Paint it to your fashion. I choose an eagles head but you could make it a jet style fuse or any thing you like. But remember large frontal area is a big place for drag to build up. I tapered the nose to minimize drag and utilize this for a vertical  stabilizer. 



So far this ship is unfinished. The plans and pictures will get you up to rigging up the bird. I will update with rigged photos and in flight photo if it fly's.


Update: Finally had a chance to fly this bird. Man it sure looked cool in the air. The best  setup(from my inventory) was a GWS300C 5.3:1 swinging a 11x7 APC slow fly prop. 600 mah 6 cell Nicad pack. The battery had to be moved 3/4 of an inch more forward for stable flight. Handles slight wind very well.