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Stand off scale Mustang

Carved from a block of pink wall board foam. All balsa tail feathers with steel control rods for extra strength. Clark Y wing taper of 2" in 20".

Wingspan 40" length 26"

speed 370 dd with several props from 6 x 3 to 8 x 6

All naro servo's and a naro rx.

Above is the fuse  ready for decor

Close up of tail feathers

Fitting the wings. The wing were cut on a hot wire. Dihedral is 1.25" in 20"



Now comes the decor. All latex paint and some foam safe enamel

Finished decor ready for test flight


Update: Test flight proved that not near enough throw in the rudder. I was to impatient and tried a maiden in 7 to 10 mph gusts("Knot Head"). She went over and lost control. Broke the fuse in half in front of the cockpit, But now she has new control arms and some epoxy and ready for the next test flight.


New servo arms with more throw and  2nd round of test flights. Hit the ground after 30 seconds of flight. Broke the fuse in half behind the cockpit. Going to redesign the fuse now for better strength.