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3D Park flyer for brushed S300GD. Wing span 29" L   ". Fiberglass tube spar with all balsa ribs and stringers and sheeting. My first attempt at a 3D ship. Probably beyond my skill level but my desire to build it has to be fulfilled. This ship will be built for a PSRU so it can swing around a 10" to 12" prop about 5000 rpm's. AUW projected at 13oz with 7 cell 350mah Nicads. For 3D,The ship will have an 8 cell 1100mah Nmhd. AUW weight will be around 16oz. While cooking a motor the thrust should be around 18oz. But with my experience with these motors, I should get around 5 killer flights. By then it will be time to build another.  The design is kind of like all the 3D  glow planes ive seen. I just tried to make all them designs into a small light electric version that could be propelled by a cheap motor setup. 20$ for the motor and gearbox. All naro (15$ each x 3)servos and naro(25$) rx and 15amp ESC(25$). The rx is the the week link. I may use a dual conversion micro rx if i feel its needed during test flights.  

Basic drawings download


DG 233 Airfoil (thats my own) I just drew up what i thought would work with Profili and printed it out for a template. Very simple process. Then traced it on a bunch of balsa and started hacking.




Above is the virgin ribs layed out for spacing.


Below shows all the ribs on the spar getting the stringer notches filed out. After filed i sanded all the ribs smooth so they all have the exact same profile. Rechecked the rib notches as needed and filed them for finale fit.


Starting to space ribs and jig up for gluing









Above is semi finished aileron



Below is the fuse former jig up.


Below is the test fit of the fuse and the wing. I had to sand a few spots to get the desired fit.




Tail feathers after ca. Big and balanced.























Here is a close up of the kevlar mat being ca'ed to the week spot in the fuse. I used 3 layers of .4oz  Aerospace composite products kevlar strips.

Looking down the battery hold.




Soda pop bottle windshield. 

The warrior is sitting on the rx.


With cheap homemade decals FLAMES