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True flying wing design. Allot of dihedral and thick foil. This is still under construction and  as far as ive got with the project. The plan is a tractor drive SP400 motor with naro servos and full size rx.  Also building craft to accept pusher drive SP380 4.3:1 PSRU.

Side view  of 48 ws and 24 " length. Dihedral is 4" in 24" with 18.5 sq" of control surfaces. 576 sq" of area. projected auw is 20 oz.


Download Plans in PDF 380K



Tape the TE first after you bend it. Then you kinda warp it into shape. You can thicken the foil by installing foam blocks in the battery and rx holds after you have taped it and you dont want to un tape it.  You might have to trim some out of the middle to create more dihedral. Mostly it depends on how the bend went. You need allot of dihedral or the ship will need vertical stabilizers.  If you want ver stabs then add them. You can customize this ship to your taste. If you want a slow flyer then make it real thick and use a gd with a big  slow prop. If your into aerobatics then make it thin and go with a dd setup. 



One thing i really like about this bird is it hand launches real easy. You can get a good grip on the wing and flick it into the air with out much swing. One of these days il have an micro airport so il put gear on theses planes.