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Blucor Sled

To windy to fly?  To dark?  Do you have snow on the ground?

I built this ship after testing a set of snow ski's for a airplane one night in a snow storm on Christmas eve. I had so much fun taxing around the neighborhood that I decided I needed a RC Snowmobile.  My fellow neighbors thought i had lost my mind and was trying to fly in that stormy night and called the police. When the officer showed up I let him taxi around on the snow until he run the battery down. So the plan was that the next day when I  head to the field, If its to windy to fly then ill go sledding. So back to the shop I went and I whip up this little sled. 

AUW 22oz. GWS75 EDF with 6 cell 1100mah nicads. Ski's are 2 5/8" x 12" 

Blucor skis and fuse with fiberglass tube truss's. An aluminum landing gear for a 40-60 size plane. All scrap from the shop inventory. 




What a blast i had screaming around the snow banks and jumping drifts.  After 2 battery packs the ski's were starting to show fatigue. Below is a pic of the small spruce stick stiffeners. The sled needed some room to get wound up but then she would start to disappear fast. With out any runners in the middle of the ski's it was a bit squirrelly but not out of hand. It also made it easy to do cool fishtails and sliding turns. WOW what a blast!