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North American XB-70E Wannabee

24" ws 36" lg. All balsa and spruce construction. 


After studying  scale drawings for along time i finally decided to build it. There was just no way it could be true scale and be flyable at 50knots. Well let me rephrase that. I want it to be flyable with cheap gear. Still look like  the real thing and use Nimh 8 cell packs and can S400 ele motor. Most of the pictures speak for themselves but i will try to elaborate on some parts. 


The basic dimensions of the fuse are scale except the windscreen and the diameter. The fuse is slightly larger in diameter to the length.  

Cutting out and aligning the bulkheads(formers). 






longerons holding formers in place before finalized shape of them could be made.  After they were finished the whole thing will be cover with longerons then sheeted.







And now for the wing. Took me forever to decide how to go about this with scale looks but a flyable wing. This is what i came up with. Flat bottom tapered. 21" width 23"root. Wing tips will be added later to bring ws up to 24".  3 Spruce spars with balsa ribs and sheeted on top with balsa. 






Above ribs after notchs filed for stringers and spars. Below is how to file the notches.




dry setup of the wing starts





2 stick  spruce LE. Balsa sheeting going on.  


Balsa box for lower fuse to hold all the gear.










Building canards and more dry setup checking.








Finishing the sheeting of the fuse.




Micro fill for sheeting to help smooth the covering up. This is good stuff.






Cover in white heat shrink(ultra). flourescent trans red for bottom of wing.




Cheap can S400 strapped to the balsabox top plate.


Maiden flight a success. Hard to fly ,Very hard to fly but once on step it was surprisingly solid. This ship demands way more power than a cheapo can400.  All in all, it was the least amount of thrust for this plane. After 5 flights 3 good and two  crashes, Im putting her up until i can power it with a brushless motor. 


First flight along with some other stuff





Second day out. 

XBWannaBee looks like a parasite on my 60 stick