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Eppler Zinger

Wingspan of 40" with a 6" constant chord. Very fast but not to fast. This plane handled like a dream as long ass the trees didn't get to close. I choose a cdrom door motor with 150 mah 8.4 volt battery. The motor was not enough as you can see it wouldnt climb. So i installed a 280 and 5x4  pro and away we went. Later I put a 6x3 and she would climb out of site. Airfoil is an Eppler443 top section.  

CDROM door motor just wasn't enough. It would fly straight and level but i only have 150'  x 100' foot area here to fly.

The 280 proved to be the ticket. Fully charged 150mah Nicad and look out. Rut Roe,Got to turn away from the corn field. 10 foot high and full of spiders, "Big spiders"


Here you can see the basic 280 setup. 


Her i am after buzzing  my head with the Eppler Zinger. The extra large rudder is handy when dodging trees .

Trying to hover over the camera man. My brother is very courageous I would say.

Yes I know. Grade A extra large eggs. The big knob on the bottom made a great tail skid. You can see the pull pull rudder and elevator controls. I used 6lb test(stren) silicone tube slipped over  balsa horns. The balsa is ca soaked for stiffness and epoxy used to fasten to the surface